Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Naturally treat insomnia for older people

I experienced insomnia disease, since retiring at the age of 60 years, ie four years ago, I started to experience insomnia and changes in sleep habits that are not natural. I felt initially when insomnia noon I easily get sleepy. If you watch TV or read a book about half an hour usually I was asleep. However, my nighttime sleeplessness or insomnia that is not natural. Even sleep, usually about four hours. This is the initial cause of my insomnia.
in addition to insomnia, I was suffering from diabetes so I usually wake up twice at night to urinate. My activities since retirement is a lot at home. Usually the morning I wake up naturally and walk around the house. After breakfast, I clean up the garden until around 10:00 am. After that read or write. I'm writing the memories alive, not for publication, but only for memories for children and my grandchildren. After lunch, naturally I usually take a nap at 14.00 to 16.00, after the bath and watching television.
At night I also watch TV or read until 22:00. After that I go bed. My wife had died two years ago. I'm just at home with my youngest child and a housemaid. At night I slept an average of 3-4 hours. It makes me nervous and did not know what to do. Usually I try to pray night and remembrance, but often times I feel anxious because there is a desire to sleep, but no drowsiness.
Did I sleep disorder is caused by age or because of diabetes that I suffered. I am suffering diabetes since age 48 years, however, by controlling diet, blood sugar value I can control. According to doctors, heart conditions, eye, kidney and I was quite good.
According to all my friends, they also experienced a similar process, lack of sleep at night. Is this really common in the elderly. Can sleep disorders in the elderly be improved?
Complaints of sleep disorders in the elderly is received less attention. Often the condition is considered normal, so people do not complain to the doctor. In fact, quite often after diagnosis, this condition does not get adequate relief because it is not regarded as an important issue. Sleep disorders can affect quality of life for elderly people so that these complaints should receive attention. With good cooperation between doctors and patients, quite a lot of people who can deal with complaints of sleep.
Sleep disorders in the elderly is more common than the young adult group. Sleep disorders in the elderly is not only influenced by age itself but is also affected by the disease (cardiovascular, neurological, pulmonary, and joints), and the drugs used. Besides insomnia (difficulty sleeping), sleep disorders can also be periodic limb movements, anxiety leg movement.
Experts divided into insomnia sleep disorders (insomnia), hipersonia (too much sleep), and sleep with the movements. In old age, it takes longer to lie down to sleep and shorter sleep time.
Food weight
To cope with sleep disorders, required an understanding of healthy living habits and behavior of good sleep (sleep hygiene). Avoid heavy meals before bedtime. Eat a light meal, such as bananas and milk. Avoid beverages containing alcohol, caffeine, and also do not smoke. Limit your fluid intake is also at night to reduce the wake to urinate.
Try to schedule wake up and sleep on a regular basis. Do not nap long, just about 30 minutes. Physical exercise highly recommended. The exercise is carried out not too close to bedtime, but about four hours earlier. Create a sleep environment (bedroom), which supports. Lights should not be too bright, not too many voices and so forth. We recommend that you use the bed only for sleeping. Reading or watching television should be done not on the bed.
If this effort does not help, then you should consult with a physician. It may take drugs to help overcome your sleep disorder. I think your efforts to write a memory book is a good business. A lot of life experience that you can share with families, children and grandchildren.

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