Saturday, January 1, 2011

10 ways to cure insomnia the natural result of stress.

Accupressure, natural massage at some point will help you stimulate the point of healing. This procedure is great for helping you calm and help relieve fatigue. Accupressure also been shown to help insomnia, for people to sleep more soundly at night.
Sports, regularly and naturally very effective to help overcome insomnia because exercise will accelerate blood circulation and open heart to receive more oxygen. exercise will also help you to be able to sleep more soundly at night. The energy released when we exercise will also stimulate our body to produce more endorphins which are hormones that cause us to feel happy.
Hobby, If someone is experiencing severe stress, it is a good way to release stress is to channel it in the form of a natural hobby. Hobbies that involve many people in one group are also highly recommended because this hobby will be very conducive to one's social life.
Drinking Water naturally, just by drinking one or two glasses of water will greatly help you to be more relaxed and with a bodily fluid enough, you will be spared from fatigue and exhaustion which would further exacerbate the situation if you stress. This is good enough you are suffering from insomnia
Massage, if massage is the best way for you to escape from stress, then start lighting candles and doing aromatherapy massage after you work all day. Massage is not only a powerful way to soothe your mind and your soul after your day of activities, but also can help to stretch tired muscles and stimulate blood circulation. Even massage, gentle massage and lighter than your husband will help you to sleep better, insomnia will be cured is done regularly jiga
Meditation, The experts say that the most powerful way to overcome insomnia because stress is a natural meditation. Because the natural meditation can help one to clear your mind and concentrate on the serenity of its surroundings. It has been proven that meditating for 15 minutes to give rest and peace which is more than a deep sleep for 1 hour. But in fact only 1-2 minutes of meditation each day is to provide exceptional positive effect for you. Begin by sitting upright and empty your mind. Meditation will help us to forget the thoughts and fears that cause us to become stressed.
Eat nutritious foods, the time we are in conditions of stress, eat regularly and low carbohydrate-containing foods will help maintain blood sugar balance. Eating foods that contain too much carbohydrate is not a good thing because it will increase the content of insulin in the blood that will cause you to feel tired, it also can help to cure insomnia naturally
Sex, If you still do not know, sex is an effective way to cure insomnia the natural, almost anything, including the stress!
Sleep Fatigue is not a good condition to cope with stress. The condition of lack of sleep will make you see the problem of excessive and aggravate the situation.
Therapy, By visiting therapists regularly will really help you cope with stress.

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